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EPI 100V with tube power amps

Guest driranek

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Guest driranek

My first post here...

I got a set of "cosmetically challenged" but functionally great EPI 100V's for use with tube amps.

Since the sealed box leads to relatively low efficiency this may seem somewhat lame, but in practice the (theoretically?) flat 8 ohm impedance curve and capacitive phase angle make them easy to drive and avoid the odd frequency response anomalies produced by modern speakers with complex crossovers when powered by high output impedance tube amps.

In practice, my 20 WPC Tech Master amps produce plenty of volume for a small room, but this would seem like the practical minimum if you wanna rock. The sound quality doesn't match my $1600 monitors upstairs, but those suckers need kilobucks worth of solid state amps to live up to their potential.

I'm curious about what the minimum and maximum dynamic impedance of the 100V actually is. Anyone know or know of a reference? How about their actual efficiency? Has anyone else used EPIs with tube amps? How'd it work for ya?

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