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Please Help, are AR3 Speaker 4 or 8 ohm


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I just found this group and love it. Classic AR's are the best!

My "as new" AR3(1977) speaker's are 4 ohm I beleive. I am currently using them on a 200watt Pioneer amp, with a heavy 4 ohm ceramic resistor in line on the common side to present 8 ohms to my amp. Can I run these AR3s direct with no extra resistance without hurting the 8 ohm output of my amp? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I would not trade my AR3s for any other speaker costing under $500! Love Them!


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You can run your AR's in 4 ohm mode. They won't hurt your amp unless you play it very loud constantly. Then the higher current draw will, over time, do some harm to the amp.

However, if you don't blast them constantly you will find you can turn down the volume a bit and get the same level of loudness.

You may even find the sound cleaner without that component in series with the speakers.

Carl The SpeakerDoctor

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