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Regluing edges of tweeter on 4x


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I just took the grills off my 4x's (easy job) to check out the drivers and tweeter controls. I noticed that the edges of the tweeter cones were loose from the metal plate in a few spots. I assume these spots can be reglued. The question I have is what type of glue should I use?

Also, where can I get new batting for the interior of the speaker? The stuff inside my speakers is matted up and torn.

Anybody remember Acoustical Magic, the "space age" coating for nose cones and speaker interiors? Any experience using this stuff inside AR speakers? When it came out (in the mid 1980's) it was supposed to revolutionize speaker sound. I've used it to coat the subassembly and underside of AR turntables with good results, but have never used it on speakers.

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