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Sixes in 'parts only' shape, any takers?

Guest Meat_PoPsiclez

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Guest Meat_PoPsiclez

Here I was on my way to work one day when I noticed a pair of speaker enclosures sitting at the curb (community spring cleanup). Due to my incessantly inquisitive nature, I of course had to stop and look. At first glance I started on my way again, due to the nature of their condition, but something caught my eye. Allison Acoustics Sixes. Huh, that seems familiar. I'm sure I know that name for some reason. What the heck, picked the up and headed back for the house. A quick google later and I found my way here.

So, now it brings me to the point of this post. I have a pair of Allison sixes in rough, REALLY rough shape. Any takers? Shipping and a few bucks for my effort to ship them takes them away. I'm based out of Manitoba Canada.

They're definitely for salvage only, foams are rotten, cones probably damaged, laminate is badly chipped and peeled, tweeters look thoroughly trashed. But, the enclosures seem sound enough (pun not intended) to be retreated, and the drivers still have a basket, magnet and voicecoil, plenty enough for the more adventuring repair pro.

Some pictures of them follow.








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