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A perfect Company to repair Allison woofers (not only!)

Guest spanzetta

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Guest spanzetta

Hello all,

I just want to inform all of you that my (quite long) story about repairing my 3 woofers (one was just needing refoaming, the other 2 had also the spider detached from the cone) is ended with a complete success!!!

I was in Bologna at

Riparazione Altoparlanti

Rubbini Alberto

Via Stradelli Guelfi 9/a

40139 Bologna


Tel. 051 538288


and gave my woofers to this very professional, smart and gentle guy, at 9:30 AM, and - with my big surprise - at about 11:30 AM (yes, after ONLY 2 hours) he gave me back my 3 woofers that was completely repaired and seems like new..

Total price was about 150€

I was completely satisfied about his job (I can now hear again my Allison Two playing perfectly, like new) and I would reccommend this Company to anyone that has any problem with any type (and manufacturer) of speakers.

He's able also to repair/reconstruct Tweeter/Midrange of our Allison speakers with no problem. He has all the equipment/tools and all the professional to do any type or repairs

Just want to share with all of you my experience

The argument was discussed at http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/dc/dcbo...sg_id=240&page=


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