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Re: New Allison Acoustics speakers


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There are two newer Allison model Three and Four speakers on eBay if anyone is interested to find out their improvement and sound quality¡­

Item number: 190043895038

Item number: 190043903649

Minh Luong







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SMR International CES 2002 reported by E. Brad Meyer

Allison Acoustics?? I did make it over to the Alexis Park where the smaller audio companies hang out, and visited the Allison Acoustics booth in hopes of seeing Roy Allison. He didn't make it to the show, which was our loss, but there was a video of a talk he gave to the younger people working at the factory, giving them some context by going over the history of his seminal speaker design work.

The picture shows the reincarnations of the old Allison Four and Allison One. I listened briefly to the smaller one, but the larger model is much closer to the sound of Roy's old design, and the company representative was paying attention to all of us geezers who remembered the originals and who didn't hesitate (but when do we ever?) to mouth off about what was needed to bring the current version up to past standard.

I heard the familiar smoothness in the low bass because of the proper location of the woofers, one of the strongest points of the old design. But the crossover from woofer to midrange, and probably the midrange itself, needed more fine tuning. The system sounded slightly forward in the lower presence range and there was more coloration in the midrange than a speaker of this level of ambition should have.




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