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replacement grills

Guest doctorlivingstone

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Guest doctorlivingstone

My first post here from a long time Allison fan - I own four pairs of Allisons. Original owner of two sets of Allison Fours, a set of Allison 6's, and a set of model 9's

A couple questions -

Are model 9's and CD9's the same speaker? I've see references made that seem as though they are the same or interchangeable references.

Also - I saw previous posts about replacement grills, and the possibility of making them if they are not available.

My model 9 tweeter/midrange grills are toast and they need to be replaced - before I started making my own, I thought I'd ask if anyone else has tackled this problem.

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Unfortunately, the Allison website http://www.allisonacoustics.com/index.html

says their phones are out. Emails to the president, David, get bounced back. It's a shame. The new incarnations of the old speakers, finished in cherry with rounded edges, look really cool. And they have a list of replacement parts--mean of them to tease us like that :-(

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Guest abobotek

0. I own two sets of Allison Fours, a pair of CD-9s, a pair of CD-6s, a pair of 105s, and a single 110. The CD-9s and CD-6s need new front grills. I'd be interested in your thoughts about making replacements, or collaborating in making them or having a batch of them made. Does anyone know who made them for Allison? They may still have the tooling around somewhere.

In making the grilles, I have found three challenges:

* Identifying the raw material (black ABS or PVC? perforated plastic sheet)

* Making a mold (from plywood?)

* Fabricating the grills (heat and vacuum probably required)

I have looked around and been unable to find a source of black perforated sheet. A mold wouldn't be very difficult to make, but

access to a wood shop with a shaper would help. The vacuum forming

shouldn't be too difficult. I've done this to make covers for wooden

boat hatches (using the hatch as a mold) with a small vacuum pump. If

anybody could identify materials and/or make a mold, I'd be glad to

produce a batch of grills, or alternatively to help shoulder the cost of having a batch professionally made.


Alex Bobotek

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