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Grilles for Allison Speakers - making them

Guest abobotek

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Guest abobotek

I've been unable to find replacement grilles for some of my

Allison speakers.

Does anyone know where they (such as CD-9 fronts) can be


Otherwise, I'll make some. Does anyone have any tips or

experience here? I've thought about purchasing perforated

sheet plastic, making a wooden mold, and forming the plastic

with the proper combination of heat and vacuum.

Does anyone have experience or ideas as to how this might

best be done? What material (e.g., PVC) should be

used? I'd certainly be willing to collaborate with and/or

make them available to others. I have a vacuum pump and

a digitally-controlled kiln that can be used for various

industrial processes.



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Guest paulc

I have been told that those plastic grills can shatter, leading me to think that as the years roll by, the plastic originally used got more and more brittle. My 30 year old Ones still seem to be in decent shape, but I handle the grills very, very carefully.

There's also the fact they are very thin AND perforated to the point where there really isn't much "substance" to them. Meaning more fragility.

My only thought for creating "new" ones would be that a substance be used that does not "dry out" over time (i.e. which retains it's original characteristics).

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