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For Sale: Pair RA Labs Mini-Reference and Reference Sub

Guest robert

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Guest robert

I am attempting to put together a SACD system with five identical speakers per ITU recommendation for loudspeaker setup. This is just not possible with the Mini-References. As for two channel music, I have had a pair of Epos ES-11's. The RA Labs are the third pair of Allison's that I have owned. In 1985 Allison 110's, that I am in the process of refoaming the woofers for my sister and in 1988 Allison CD-6's, which my son started using after I purchased the Epos speakers in 1995.

I wanted to offer on this forum before going the ebay route. Speakers are in great shape and would make an excellent two channel system or a "hybrid" surrond system. Two things I must mention. One dust cover has been inverted, i.e. concave, by my 6 year old several months back. I can discern no problem with sound and there are no tears. I checked with my local audiophile dealer and he said after all it is just that a "dust cover". Secondly, I did replace the original tweeters, which still work fine. I purchased a second set of tweeters from then Stanford Acoustics, which Roy gave his blessing on this forum as perfectly acceptable replacement tweeters. I had to drill four additional holes, to install these tweeters. Second set of tweeters and original manuals will be included with sale. Also, to offset the inverted dust cover, I will "throw-in" pair of 24" Sanus speaker stands, which were originally offered with the RDL brochure. As for price, I paid $400 back in 95 and I am not sure how to price. My nearby UPS store advises shipping will be appx. $50, but if interested I will secure an exact figure. Lastly, if one is seriously interested post and provied e-mail and I will be glad to provide my cell# and we can discuss further.

Many Thans,


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