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Large Advents -- I finally got a pair

Guest Bill Lloyd

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Guest Bill Lloyd

I've wanted a pair of AR-9s from the outset, have never got close. I run a pair of Infinity 7 Kappas* in my main system [one of the most underrated speakers ever, and SUPERB!], and a pair of AR Classic 18s in my den-room with the TV system.... But I wanted a stereo system in my library as well, had an old Pioneer SX-1080 receiver stored in the basement. I was with a friend looking at stuff in a guitar-and-used-records shop in Indianapolis when I realized the fellow was trying to sell a pair of Large Advents for $80. They looked dingy and old. I snapped them up, brought them home [Dayton, Ohio], got out the Old English scratch coat stuff and some lemon oil.... Now they look brand new, and sound -- of course! -- GREAT!!!! :-)

-- Bill

* -- with a B&K "Pro 5" pre-amp driving a pair of B&K "Sonata" monoblocs.

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