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what model of advent is this?

Guest alexanderIII

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You need to read the title of this forum a little more closely. It is the "Classic" speaker pages.

Most of us here are more interested in the "classic" Advents which would be "The Advent Loudspeaker", "The New Advent Loudspeaker", "The Smaller Advent Loudspeaker" and maybe into the early Jenson/Advent speakers.

Also, this forum is not like a lot of others where answers are fairly immediate. Sometimes it takes a little while for replies.

Besides, are you absolutely sure that those are Advents? I've never seen any that look like that.


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Yep that's an Advent.

I can't remember the exact date I saw the magazine advertisement for it and another rather unconventional model, or their model numbers or names, but IIRC it was around 1995.

The following is drawn from a 12 year old memory so..........

In this model's upper black section, there is a 5.25" midbass/midrange driver along with the regular Advent 1" black parabolic mylar dome tweeter.

It's the lower section containing the bass reproduction system that is really unconventional for Advent: it used a single 6.5" driver in a bandpass configuration. I can't remember if there were two ports or just one, but this type of enclosure can supply lots of bass from just one (relatively speaking) small driver. Bose used this configuration on a version of their 401 model back in the late 90s. It used a single 5" driver (AFAIK the same one used in the bass module of their Acoustimass sub/sat system) and used two ports at the back. I heard this speaker and the amount of bass, I guess down to around 40Hz, was amazing from those very skinny floostanders!

The other Advent in this "sci-fi" series :^) was more conventional but did use the same modern style of 6-sided cabinet, but without the mid/tweeter pod. It used two 6.5" woofers mounted one on top of another i.e. a vertical line and the Advent dome tweeter. Obviously this is the same type of driver arrangement as their "regular" floorstander model called the Laureate,* but I *think* it also used some additional special technology but am not for sure.

I never read of review of either of these loudspeakers - I'm pretty sure it's because around the same time these were advertised is when Recoton Corp. (now defunct) bought Advent's owner International Jensen. I am very sure that that clueless/cheapskate corporation put a stop to building such imaginative & UNmass-market products since their shareholders probably would not approve. :rolleyes:

* Best Buy used to sell Advent's speakers and I used to work there, from 1992 to 1995, so I am very familiar with the Advents sold during that time, including the Large Advent Anniversary Edition (I sold the last pair our particular store received; I was happy they sold [to a couple in their late 20s] but at the same time, was kind of bummed knowing we would never see any more of them again).

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