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Auction on eBay...intertesting.


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Anyone ever heard of a 78LS?

I wonder if these are the same tweeter/mids that are in 9LS, 9LSI, 98LS that are referred to at Layne Audio:

"Dual Dome for 9LS, 9LSI, 98LS, is sold out, reconing is available for blown tweeters, must send in your existing plate for repair, cost TBD, no repair yet available for mid."

Could be an opportunity to grab some working drivers.


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>Anyone ever heard of a 78LS?

Yep. I have AR98LS, and at the time of purchase (back in '85), I considered the AR58, 78 and 98. AFAIK, the 78 and 98 differed only in that the 98 had an 8" midrange spkr, and the 78 did not. I think the 78's got a more favorable review at the time, less midrange heavy or something (memory's fuzzy) but I was in the 'bigger is better' mentality at the time. Just had my 98's reconed and they sound as good as new.

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