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Well I did it again. Another pair of Advents. Sort of what I call the Large Advents smaller sibling. Nice walnut cabinets in good shape. Grills virtually immaculate. As usual need to be refoamed but looking forward to getting them up and running. What is the difference between the larger sibling and these with the smaller volume?


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Guest IReilly

As I understand it, Advent/1's have the same drivers as New Large Advents but in a smaller cabinet. Therefore they don't quite go as deep as the NLA's.

I thought the Advent/1's would be very mellow but they're not - one of my brighter speakers, though I tend to favor models like the Dynaco A-50, KLH 23, Avid 100, etc. So they're probably about of about average brightness in the grand scheme of things.

In a prior thread, titled "Advent/1's in a Large Room", a Classic Speaker poster pretty much hit the nail on the head in describing them - quite nice sound, though a bit "hi-fi"-ish (to me that'd be nice, crisp, distortion-free sound that nonetheless is a half step from completely real). I disagree a bit on piano music though - one of my CD's with the /1 sounds at times almost indistinguishable from a piano being played in the room, and I have a piano nearby for direct comparison (though it's certainly not a concert grand, but an upright).

He mentioned a baffle step compensation circuit to take them from a "hi-fi" sound to the "real" level. I never did see a circuit diagram or photo that I could interpret successfully, and I'm still interested . There was also some mention of starting a BSC tutorial thread, also of great interest to me.

Hint hint.

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