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$458.98 for Larger Advents!


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>Last summer, I came upon FOUR mint condition original Large

>Walnut Advents at the CURB. Refoamed them, cleaned and

>polished the wood, and they look just about brand new. My best

>find ever. :)

Hi there;

I vote here that no more members can tell us if they pay under fair market value for their speakers from now on. LOL LOL

Reading about the curbside, dumpster, dumps and $5.00 thrift shop finds is heartwrenching at times. LOL LOL

All kidding aside, you made a wonderful find, congratulations.

The fact that they were walnut veneer is all the more wonderful.

I find walnut veneer a romantic material, I guess because it is warm looking and getting more and more difficult to find today.

I bought a single Dynaco A-25 a few months ago, 99% mint, the walnut veneer is about as flawless as I've seen in all these years.

I rub my hand over the smooth oiled walnut finish almost every day, only on one surface mind you.

I'm smiling when I do it, too.

Were they all side by side at the same curb?

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Yep......all side by side at the same curb. The guy who put them there was outside, and I asked him if they worked. Her said, "Yeah, but they have no bass." A quick look under the grill revealed the fact that all the foam surrounds were gone. I told him, "Thank you" and popped them into the car. :)

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Guest speaker freak

Mine were 26.00 for the surrounds found these babys on the curb Walnut cabinets also though not in the A1 shape. I did put new grills on them if these were in prefect shape not sure if i would sell them 458.00 thats how much i enjoy these.

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Guest mhjmhj

I got a pair of Advent Loudspeakers for $50 (the original loudspeakers, I think). Then I sat them out in my carriage house for a winter and a summer and when I went to use them the next time, the surrounds were crumbling to powder! So in a complete lack of wisdom (I was having a party that night and needed working speakers!), I ran to radioshack, and bought 2 large replacement woofers for something like 75% off normal cost. So I swapped out the old woofers with the radioshack replacements and tossed the bad woofers! Regardless, they still sound pretty good!

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