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Noob Here, saying Hi !

Guest 2Ear

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I could not believe it when I stumbled upon this site. I thought I was the last holdout with a love of the "Large Advent Loudspeaker" system. I have had mine since new in 1973 (yeah, I'm an old fart). I was searching for new foam surrounds (time to replace them again) and found you guys here talking about the Advents - unbelievable! I always liked the way they sound and have not heard much that can compare for less than what my car cost :-)

Anyhoo - Hi All !

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Welcome Bob!

I wonder how many of us actually have Advents that we've had since back then. I know I don't.

I have found that the surrounds from RSSounds seem to be the closest to what was in the original masonite Advents (probably the all-metal ones too). Very flexible and less "rubbery" than other brands.

This would, of course, affect the low frequency resonance of the woofer and, hence, the loweat frequency that the woofer can produce effectively in cabinet.

I have three pairs of masonites and only one pair has the RSSsounds surrounds. Although the other two seem to be just fine in the lowest frequencies, the pair with these surrounds seems to have just a little extra oomph there.

Anyway, hopefully, you can get yours working like new again.

Of course, I have to recommend getting at least another pair and stacking them for the double Advent experience. :^)


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Hey, thanks guys.

There is a lot of good info on this site. I just wish I was a EE so I could understand some of the more technical stuff. Maybe it will rub off on me after a while :lol:

Yeah Doug, I remember hearing a friends double Large Advent system driven by a high-end MacIntosh amp - it was unbelievable !

I wish I had more room.

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Guest rwferris

I'm another noob saying hi. I have a set of New Advent Utility style that I purchased new at a George Washington's Birthday sale in 1979. I was a sophmore in High School. They went with me to college and everywhere I have gone since. They are in fact the only set of speakers I have ever owned.

I refoamed them once around 5 years ago and it was looking like they needed it again and probably had a bad voice coil as well. Well I thought to myself that I had had these speakers for close to thirty years and maybe there had been some advancement in speaker technoolgy in that time that could justify dropping a couple of grand on some new speakers. Well I went shopping and listened to some new speakers and decided to get my advents repaired instead. I listened to a bunch of different speakers at different sizes and price points and I did not really like any of them better than the old advents so I'm getting them ready for the next 30 years!

Thanks for all the info.


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