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Silicone hot pads and a 4", 5 speed, low voltage fan, for Dbl Advent system

Guest russwollman

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Guest russwollman

Looking for something to better isolate the cabinets of a stacked double Advent system, I found some 4" silicone hot pads at Crate & Barrel. They work very well. They're just thick enough to isolate and also provide solid footing, and, because they're silicone, the top speakers can be rotated as you wish.

The other thing is properly cooling the higher-powered amps which this system sometimes entails.

One eBay seller has a great little 4" fan which can sit right on top of your amp to help with cooling. His inventory is large, but the best offering I found was a 5-speed fan, with a little switch on the transformer. At the two lowest speeds, it's quiet enough for silence maniacs hooked on classical music.

Here's the link to his store: http://stores.ebay.com/WindyWilly-Cooling-Products. Another reputable, honest eBay merchant with something worthwhile to offer.

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