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Advent Maestro tweeter not tweeting

Guest lerman

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Guest lerman

OK, so I've got these beautiful Maestros--just refoamed one woofer and it sounds great; am doing the second tonight or tomorrow--but my real problem is one of the tweeters.

No sound comes out of it. I assumed it was the tweeter itself, and tried swapping speakers just to make sure. Unfortunately, the tweeter tweeted when connected to the other speaker. So clearly it's something in the wiring or crossover or who knows.

And that's my problem--who knows means I don't know. I don't even fully understand what all the parts of the crossover do and why my tweeter would be silent in one of my speakers and not in the other.

Can someone explain as if they're talking to a very intelligent 10-year-old what I have to do to get my tweeter tweeting?

Thank you.

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