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Wiring goof....


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Here's what can happen when you're hasty and dyslexic: after an extending listening session with LPs to my double Advent system, I knew something was amiss. Top pair sounded much brighter than the bottom. What I had done was take the two stacked on the right and connect them both to the A terminal and had taken the two stacked on the left and connected them to the B terminal. What that did in the A+B mode was to render them in series, which made them hopelessly out of phase.

The correct way was to take (for example) my top right and wire to A and my bottom right and wire to B (same side of the terminal bar, of course). Then repeat the same order for the left side. Made all the difference in the world! So when you do a check (in my example) the A position alone should have on both the right & the left top....while the B position alone should have on both the right & left bottom. This is assuming that your receiver/amp is wired in parallel in the A+B or A+C position and my Onkyo is. Kenwoods I know are wired in series. Any receiver or amp wired in series warrants wiring from one side of the A, B or C with two speakers in parallel-fused on the + side. And then repeated the same for the other channel.

Wow what a screw up that was.....where it was really evident was with LPs where you need to boost the power up some anyway to get the same levels as on the radio or tape input-the louder I went, the more they seemd to cancel themselves out. I can also hold my ear close to the speakers now and hear that the newer poly dome tweeters are indeed a bit brighter than the old 'masonite forward' tweeters. Still when I backed away and sat down, they all seem to blend quite nicely.

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