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Ed Villchur's 1954 Patent available here:


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Re: webmaster@arsenal.net

Subject: AR patent #2,775,309

Saw the patent # on the brochure for the AR3 I downloaded from your site, and went to US Patent Office url, and:


Click on the "Images" button, and that should take you to Ed Villchur's patent from 1954!

Pretty cool, huh? Be sure to look at all 6 pages...

Steve F

Great site, keep it up!

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[font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Sep-07-01 AT 04:58 PM (GMT)[p]The link got a little mangled when posted in the forums here .. for anyone checking this out, make sure you manually copy and paste the full URL into your address bar.

Also .. if you're using a newer version (5.0+) of IE, you'll need the latest TIFF plug-in for IE. You can get it here:



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Guest kfarrand

Here's a .PDF version of EV's AR-1 Patent as a single file consisting of the six pages of the patent. Hope this is more easily viewed than the single images of the six page patent from the USPTO.

Kevin Manson

AR-3as + Dynaco A-25s + Maggie MMGs + JBL E250P 12" Sub + Dynaco Stereo 416 & Stereo 70 + PAS 3s + McIntosh MC2505 & Scott LK-72 Amps + Harman Kardon AVR 520 Receiver + Nakamichi Tri Tracer 700 + Revox A-77 +"The AR Turntable"




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