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Advent 25th Anniversary speakers

Guest dwbye

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Does anyone have any info on these speakers...original brochure, original price, year of manufacture, quality/reliability etc. A second hand store near me has a set. The cabinets are a little scuffed but the components look to be in good shape and they sound great. Thanks for any info.

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I'm not real familiar with these but I believe they were released in 1992 or 1993 on Advents 25th anniversary (duh!).

Others may know more than me but I think they were voiced to sound like the original Advents. That, in itself, can't be a bad thing.

As to quality, Advent never had an issue with quality regardless of time period. Always well-built.

If they aren't too expensive, I would scarf them up if I were you.


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>I guess it would depend on how scuffed the cabinets are. If

>fairly noticable but operation is perfect, I would try to get

>them for $100.



Hi there;

Good choice!

$800.00 cough, cough.

They were selling for just about half that amount when new.

I get sick of used dealers pretending to know the value and trying to hype the retail value so that they can justify their asking price.

Pretend you are a Scottish Canadian, and remeber you are the customer with the money.

They sometimes are on ebay but shipping and handling and insurance would be added to the bid price.

Figure maybe $60.00 +/- over bid price.

The actual speakers may go for $100.00 +/- a pair on ebay.

Because you are looking at a used pair, in a used store, there may not be many local chances for you to buy a nice pair.

If there was more time, keep an eye on ebay for a while to see the trends.

Other members will jump on board with other options and ideas for you, as they see your topic.

Doug is right, $100.00 and close your eyes to the scratches and scuffs.

I would still want all the drivers functioning, even at $100.00.

You probably have state taxes as well, to pay.

At $140.00 all drivers and cabinet would have to be mint.

No pushed in tweeters grills or damaged domes, and with that age, you will have a re-foam, (a normal once in a decade experience), job of the woofers in a few years.

It is common in my experience to see the screens pushed back towards the domes but not quite touching them.

Used tweeters on ebay go for about $15 - 30.00 and used woofer $25.00 +/- each plus shipping and handling, so this is not a concern, yet.

You should not need to pay top dollar now, especially, if you need to replace drivers already.

If I remember a pair that I saw once, they had walnut veneer, a nice choice cabinet finish.

Keep us up to date, please, on your decision.

Good luck, good choice.

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