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AR -1W


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According to a 2/71 AR catalog, the AR-1W "is the woofer section alone of the AR-3a." Not be mistaken for the original AR1. I own one of these speakers and wonder if anyone has information as to how they are to be used? Passive crossover to smaller, matched speakers (like my excellent KLH Model 20's or perhaps some AR-2's)?

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>According to a 2/71 AR catalog,

>the AR-1W "is the woofer

>section alone of the AR-3a."

>Not be mistaken for the

>original AR1. I own one

>of these speakers and wonder

>if anyone has information as

>to how they are to

>be used? Passive crossover

>to smaller, matched speakers (like

>my excellent KLH Model 20's

>or perhaps some AR-2's)?

The AR1W is the woofer portion of an AR1 and also AR3. I don't know about AR3A.(New 3A woofer?) Mine is from about the mid-1950s and has terminals for both 4-ohm and 8-ohm inputs. There is evidently a four ohm series resistor to make eight ohms (at a reduction in sensitivity). I am not sure if it contains a low pass network but my hunch is that it does. Someday I will measure it to confirm.

I have coated the (mass loading/damping?) ring in the center with a thin coat of silicone because it was beginning to disintegrate. I also treated the cloth surround years ago to reduce air leakage. I don't remember what I used but it was at the recommendation of the Boston Audio Society BAS Speaker from many years ago. I think some form of butyl rubber has been used by a number of manufacturers

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