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Advent/2 - need a new woofer..


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I just found this site.. don't even ask me how ;) ..

Anyway, I've always loved the Cambridge Sound, and have been a life-long fan of Henry Kloss' stuff.. besides a KLH Model Twenty One FM radio and a KLH Model Twenty Compact stereo, (radio bought new in 1967 and I still have its original box, and all the paperwork that came with it.. heh), Stereo bought used off of eBay two years ago).. I also own my original 1970s pair of Advent/2 speakers - the white model with metal grills, which are hooked to the KLH Model Twenty..

Oddly enough, I still have the original white Advent boxes for the speakers too..

It sounds like the woofer in one of them is farting out on very low bass.. I sort of remember buying a new 8" (I think) exact replacement woofer for one of these speakers and installing it in the 1980s.. Did Teledyne at one point buy out the remaining old Advent speaker stock and sell it, because I think that's who I bought it from, mail order..

I'd like to source and replace the other woofer, the one that is slightly crapping out - not noticable all the time, but only on source material with a lot of bass, played at "room volume"..

Are there any sources for an original or exact replacement woofer for an Advent/2? The white/metal model used the exact same components as the more traditional wood veneer models did..

If a new original-spec woofer is not available, then where in So. Calif., preferably, could I take the bad woofer and have it re-foamed and/or re-coned? I have not opened the cabinet yet to see what might be wrong with it, but I suspect it's the usual deterioration that 30 year old speakers are subject to..



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I bought a pair of these on ebay not too long ago - had used a pair back in the 70s in the rear of my Datsun 240Z with a pioneer cassette/radio & power amp - still the best car sound I ever heard!

Anyway they needed new foam. I like Stepp Audio in Asheville NC for this stuff - he told me that there is no replacement foam surround for this odd 6 3/8" woofer. He actually took another 8" I think surround, and cut it down with a splice for me. I'm told they may be out of business(but THATS NOT TRUE - I called just now to make sure). Otherwise you may have to get one from Parts Express or somebody & cut it down yourself. That may be hard. Replacing it was kinda difficult with the masonite board they used, but I managed and they sound really great.

Well worth the trouble. Stepp told me he had thrown away a few of those models because of the surrounds - pity because they can live again, and were an innovative design at their time - my daughter thinks Hillary Duff "Rocks" thru them.

Try Stepp Audio Technologies at 828-697-9001

Bill Boyd

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