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It was just a matter of time for a pair KLH's found their way into your house. They look to be a latter example, maybe 1971 or so. following are a few words by the man himself - "We really worked on the SIX, there's no measurement to tell you how much energy should be in this octave compared to that octive, that takes field experience and final judgement. Now then, you have to have no sharp discontinuities between adjacent frequencies, and you must have low distortion. After you get those objective things that nobody can argue about. Then what completely dominates the sound of a speaker is this octave to octave or half octive to half octive amount of energy you put into it. The MODEL SIX had this more right then anything before. It had proper sound with respect to not having too much output in the particular octaves in the midrange or the middle highs. So that was the MODEL SIX, it had the most right sound of any speaker made up to then, it was a seminal speaker." - Henry Kloss, 1996.

I see why the SIX stayed in production for over 14 years....it sounded so darn good for a two-way speaker ! I recently demonstated my 1958 pair to a guy who collects Janszen speakers and he was very surprised how good they sounded, it inspired him to go find a pair.


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I just missed a pair of 23's on eBay. I was very upset at myself as I forgot to check prior to end of bid and they were right next to the pair of 6's I bought. 6's were in Norwalk and 23's in Greenwich.

Anyway I just picked up the 6's from a nice gentleman in Norwalk who does not seem to be an audiophile. They are in pretty nice shape except - no sound from either tweeter!!! I saw someone on AK said they had same problem and it was caps vs. drivers. I planned on re-capping anyway. Will have to wait till I have time to check the drivers to see if they are open.

But already I see the sound through the woofers is very nice indeed. I'm not sure they'll stack up to your old 2AX's but we'll see after I get them in shape.

Thanks for the quote form Henry!!


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Got my Model 6's up and running over a week ago - thanks to Roy for the Tweeters! Recapped, resealed, and new tweets.

I like these KLH's very much. Very balanced with what appears to be better hi end extension than my 2AX's. When I first set them up in my system - Sansui 890DB - I said they sounded more "real". I kept them in place for a week to get acclamated. I missed the low extension of the AR's a bit but was enjoying the clearer hi's.

Last night I put the AR's back in place to see what I thought - I still prefer the AR's. This is not becasue I don't like the KLH's - I do. But to my ear the AR's are just something special. Someone on AK said it might be becasue Kloss bumped up the upper mid's on KLH to enhance in store comparisons. Not sure. I can definitely hear some details of recordings beter with the KLH's. I did have to put the attenuators on decrease to enjoy them.

But it is so clear to me that I prefer the AR's in my main set up I thought I'd post my thoughts. The 2AX's I'm using at the older version - higher crossover freq, older woofer and fried egg tweeter. They just seem to be the perfect match for my Sui and listening area.

Will not be getting rid of the KLH's though - they are moving to my office to pair up with my Sony 6065.

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