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KLH Model Fives Recapped

Guest pbda

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2 hours ago, Arch420 said:

The original 2x4 has 3 wires, how do I connect the 2 units of 4uF replacement caps?

Just twist one lead from each cap together, or solder one lead from each to the common point.

2 hours ago, Arch420 said:

Do I really need to replace the resistors too?

Short answer: no. But look at the previous posts in this thread. I have seen burned and/or cracked resistors in KLH Fives and Twelves. Most old speakers came with 10w resistors. The Fives and Twelves had 5w resistors. New 10w resistors cost about a buck apiece so I figure they're cheap insurance.


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his photo shows what I mean. The wires from one end of each of 2 caps are soldered to the same point. These happen to be 3.9uF but that's close enough.


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