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KLH Fifteen


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Hi there;

There is a rare piece of KLH history on the ebay block as I write this.

A pair of KLH Fifteen speakers is being offered on #140106021789.

A two fullrange driver bass reflex ported system.

Only 14" x 8" x 8" and 9 1/2 pounds each enclosure.

I have no vested interest in this auction, just thought that members would like to see the cute lil' fella's.






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Hi Vern,

I'd hold back on using the word "rare" with the Model Fifteen speaker, these were for the earlier modular system,(the Fifteen).

The Model Nineteen system had the same size speaker. Also, the Model Fourteen B from 1963 was the same,two divers - same size...now that one is scarce with fewer then 5,000 being made. I'm pretty sure both of these phono systems were discontinued when KLH brought out the systems with the larger speakers, Model Twenty and Twenty Four in 1966. But you have a point, you don't see nearly as many of these as the larger speakers.

The current auction for the Fifteens having crimson red refinishing with dark grill cloth makes for an "interesting" looking speaker, wow !

I'll add that these little KLH models put out very nice sound for loudspeakers with only two 4 inch drivers....I recommend picking them up when you see them.


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