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KLH 10" woofers


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Hi there;

The other night I just placed a low bid on a pair of 10" KLH Twenty-Three woofers.

I woke up in the morning expecting to see another overnight over $100.00 bidding frenzy again.

I was the only bidder with 78 watchers and I had won at only $9.99.

I'm waiting for the S&H fees, which, in some cases, are really getting out of sight.

I believe that these were listed recently and went for over $100.00.

Example, a $35.00, buy it now, single Advent tweeter to my home in Canada $35.00 S&H.

Usually a single tweeter is less than $10.00.

These woofers have the single layer epoxied square magnets.

I will post any information off of the drivers when they arrive.

As usual these should be the equal of KLH Twelve and KLH Five woofers.

I have now seen first hand or photos of, bolted single and dual round magnets, also single and dual epoxied square magnets with black felt marked numbers of 23 - 26 grams weights on various cones.

I guess in actual production, you use what you have onhand.

I just received an invoice for $40.00 S&H a few minutes ago.

I love the ability to return to edit our write-ups for a little while anyways.

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