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Model TWENTY Information Available

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Hello folks. I am a brand new member and only recently have sparked an interest in my old stereo equipment. I have a KLH Model Twenty that I purchased new in about 1968 or 1969, or thereabouts. Being somewhat a packrat, I have the original instructions that came with the unit. I guess it is an owners manual. It is dated DEC./67.

Also I have a 2 page folder 8.5 x 11 that details the unit. It seems to be very complete and offers an insite into how the company was presenting its product.

I don't know if anyone is interested in them, but I would like to make copies available to those interested if it is an acceptable practice. I don't want to violate any forum policies by offering this information to fellow members when it isn't normally done.

Please also remember that I don't know a woofer from a tweeter. Well that's a stretch, but you get the idea.

Of course I think of these units as you do, so there is no cost to anyone if we can do this by scan or something.

Thanks for the vast information on this site and how it helps all of us beginners.


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Mike, welcome to the World of classic New England speakers and audio. As you'll see, it's an enyoyable way to learn about the great old equipment we have. As you'll see, there's much to learn. Your Model Twenty has been discussed in several postings. Also see the ARC article at www.antiqueradio.com/Mar06_Hayden_Kloss.html

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