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KLH Model Twenty-four (24) Bookshelf Speakers


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Does Anybody know anything about KLH Model 24 bookshelf speakers? I've seen a couple of pair out here on the West Coast on Craigslist for very little, so I bought a pair. They have lovely wood veneer on them, sound good for speakers only 18" high and 7 1/2" deep, and apparently have pretty high quality surrounds that don't rot easily. And yet I'd never heard of them until recently. Any information about them would be appreciated. --C

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>Link me!


It's easy to miss. Look at the very bottom of this page. You will see


Click on Library

(but unfortunately there is not much info on your speakers there)

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Sounds like you have the Model 24 series II, they had the screw terminal connectors, basically the same speaker as the 24 which came with the phono unit, and pretty much the same as models 22,26 and 31. they were all in the KLH 8" woofer family made from 1968-72...good little speakers that are tough as nails.

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Guest charlie03m

>Does Anybody know anything about KLH Model 24 bookshelf



My family had a KLH-24 when I was a kid in the 70's.

This had one base unit with a Garrard idler wheel turntable and

an FM tuner. I have the unit and the speakers still, but they were very badly stored along the way and are in rough shape. It was a really wonderful sounding unit. I'm pretty sure the way they did this was to boost the low frequency response to optimise the response out of the high compliance woofer. This was also done with the Model 11, and of course the Bose 901.

I actually joined in hopes that somebody would know what the EQ

curve was for this one, and for the model 11, of which I have one.

I'll let you know if I find out more.


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