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KLH replacement tweeter and guidance needed


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I'm beginning to restore a pair of KLH 17s and the first step will be to replace one tweeter which is testing "open" and therefore presumably bad. (Tweeter grill screen was pushed in some and made contact with the cone.)

I have 2 second hand tweeters from Large Advents (via ebay, unneeded spares for another project) that I'm considering using in place of the KLH tweeters if they would be compatible. Alternately, I'll search for an actual KLH tweeter on ebay or elsewhere. I understand that the KLH 5, 6, 17, 23, and 33 all used the same tweeter but visual comparison with my KLH 5s shows there's at least a difference in the grill screens.

I'll also consider changing out the caps and adding a resistor as some knowledgeable people here and elsewhere have suggested. I welcome all comments/suggestions and parts sources.

Thanks in advance

P.S. Not concerned about maintaining "original" status, because I don't sell equipment, but quality sound is important.

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. Alternately, I'll search for an actual KLH

>tweeter on ebay or elsewhere.

If you only need one tweeter, I'll ship you one for the postage. I have the same tweeter with the metal grill just waiting for a job. I saved it from a yard sale wreck a couple of years ago and would be happy to send it to you. If you find out a proper crossover repair for those 17's let me know, I have a similar goal with a pair I have.

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