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Have AR-8 speakers, but can I do THIS???? HELP!!!


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Hi fellow audio enthusiasts. My stereo consists of a 2-channel setup: new Kora Equinoxe tube preamp mated with Dynaco ST-70 vintage tube amp, driving vintage large AR-8 speakers. What I am wondering is this: could I hook up a second pair of speakers for a pseudo- rear channel? I have 4, 8, 16 ohm outputs on the ST70, and two pairs of nice vintage speakers that match in looks. Oh, and a wife that complains that "surround sound" is SOOOO awesome. Is this a possibility? And how would I do it? Thanks for any advice! --Me

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Guest Nigel


What you suggest will not be satisfactory.

Three ways you can go:

(1) get a surround sound pre-amp (or cheaper a surround sound receiver with pre-outs for all channels), and another Dynaco amp(or two more)

(2) get a surround sound receiver with pre-out (such as an Onkyo TX-DS676), and add a switch box at the input to your Dynaco to select between the receiver and your present pre-amp. Drive the main speakers with your Dyanco, and add in the surrounds driven by the receiver.

(3) retire your current pre-amp and amp, and go with a surround sound receiver.

We have an Onkyo TX-DS787 receiver based home theatre system, with AR Hi-Res speakers, and I have a pair of classic AR9 for audio only. The home theatre system will be offered with the house when we move, the AR9 will not be.


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