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KLH Tweeters

Guest palomar

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Guest palomar

I've noticed that most KLH 6's (and a number of other KLH speakers which use the same tweeter) have protective screens over their tweeters. But some of the early versions (I believe the versions were the drivers were cast into the cabinet) did not appear to have them.

I picked up a used set of 6's which had the grills on, but the highs seemed a bit conjested (a bit too middle highs and not quite enough upper highs). I took the screens off and that seems to have improved things a bit.

Did KLH change anything in the tweeters and/or crossovers when they added the screens in order to keep them sounding the same as the non-screened version, or is there indeed the difference I described? In other words, did I disturb the classic sound of the early 60's (or perhaps late 50's), or help to restore it on my newer systems.

(I don't have the dates of the my 6's. I'm guessing either late 60's or early 70's because they had the brown grill instead of the white. They are not the 6V's however, as they have the real wood veneer.)

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