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KLH 32's from Goodwill

Guest kdl2626

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Guest kdl2626

Just picked up a pair of 32's from Goodwill for $25.00. Figured they were worth that much just for the cabinetry!

I'll looked at everything and had a sound check. Everything seems to be working.

Anything I need to look out for or pay particular attention to for maintenance? These are the oldest pair of speakers I've got (and the heaviest!).

I saw in a previous post a reference to a coating from Orange County Speaker for cloth surrounds. Having had too much experience with foam surrounds and knowing replacements for old KLH's are unobtainable (my local speaker shop said they just part out or replace drivers rather than attempt to fix!), I'm open to any suggestions to maintain these beauties.

Now to get my new (to me) Fisher X-101-C amp and FM-200-B tuner refurbished. Anyone have a spare quartet of 7591 tubes cheap? :-)

bob p., austin, tx

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