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Kloss memoriam errors

Guest Droog

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Guest Droog

While trying to find info on Henry Kloss, I found a Nels Ferre' memoriam at www.tnt-audio.com that seems to have several errors-

1. he states Kloss joined AR in 1952.....wasn't it more like 1954. 2. He States Kloss co-founded KLH in the early 60s....

wasn't he the FOUNDER and it in 1957-8. 3. He claims Kloss formed Advent in 1967....wasn't it 1969. 4. Ferre' writes

that the Advent 201 of 1971 was the first tape recorder with dolby sound reduction.....wasn't it the KLH model 41 of 1968.

5. Last, he writes that Henry kloss introduced the Tivoli model 88 in 1999....I think he means he model one.

Anyone know of a detailed and acurate biograghy of Henry Kloss ?

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