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KLH 28 - very rare - not on spreadsheet

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I have the vaguest recollection of a five sided model from the sixties or early seventies, probably as a response to the new Bose 901 and the about to become fashionable four-channel phenomenon. I remember it because I was using a pair of klh 22 at the time and thought briefly about getting two more pair to arrange in a similar fashion. Anyway, never saw or heard anything about it for 30 years until I spotted this one on EBAY recently. Really wanted to bid on it but have so many speakers already. Attaching a few pictures from ebay - the description said it contained the same drivers as the model 23 - but X 3!





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I was stationed in Germany in the mid 1970s. Most large bases had something called an Audio-Photo club, with all kinds of high end audio gear, and, high end cameras of the day like Canon F1 and Nikon F2. At one of the clubs, they had an excellent speaker comparison room. You could switch between models and compare the same audio clip to see what you liked. I was going to buy the Bose 901s, but then saw and heard these KLH-28s, and I was blown away. It seemed "unfair" to have to rely on the Bose 901 "magic equalizer" to achieve the same sound as the KLH-28s without any such box, and that's what really impressed me. I decided to buy them ($500 for the pair in 1974 I think it was) and I still have them today. They are huge and occupy the corners of my living room. Sadly the foam grills have deteriorated over the years, and I have not had any luck finding suitable replacements. As I understand it, the original KLH went out of business in 1985? and I don't know if the name survives through another company. Certainly the Bose 901s were great speakers, but the KLH-28s IMHO were definitely a better speaker with richer sound. I believe they were rated at something crazy like 400 watts each.

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