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I finally got the KLH 22's just before Christmas

Guest Jstas

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I fell seriously ill at the same time too so I was delayed in getting pictures. I don't have any posted on any webspace yet but I will soon. The speakers are in nice condition with a few blemishes in the finish. One of them seems to have the finish damaged on the top but I don't know from what. It's easily lightly sanded and waxed or even shellaced(sp?) so it's not a huge worry. They are in very good working order and have the original speaker cloth that seems to be completely unmolested. I took planety of pictures and even carefully disassembled one to get pictures of the inside and rear of the drivers. The crossovers were hard to get pictures of because they are mounted on the rear of the cabinet and non-adjustable. I did not want to risk damage to get the pictures. So I did the best I could.

As far as how they sound, I compared them to a pair of KLH 17's. The 22's have a smaller 8 inch woofer and a similar tweeter to the 17's. There is a disparity in the low end extension though. The 17's are clearly capable of reaching a much lower range than the 22's. The 22's seem to have a tinnier sound to them and the mid-range sounds hollow. It is easily fixed by fiddling with EQ and bass/treble controls so I believe it is due to the crossover network's lack of adjustability. They do create an excellent sound stage and have a good deal of oomph for such a small speaker. They hit hard on the tracks that they are supposed to and they are smooth and clean on the tracks that they are supposed to be smooth and clean on too. Overall, they are a perfect speaker for a bookshelf system. They are small enough to be carried easily under one arm and they will fit on a bookshelf with minimal fuss. They are light enough to be mounted to a wall if need be too. For a 30 year old speaker, they are pretty impressive. Defintly worth the 40 dollars I paid for them. They have specs and dimensions that are pretty competative with what is out there, new in the stores.

It goes to show that just because it's old doesn't mean it's junk. In fact, after listening to the older KLH models, I find that I prefer the sound and dynamics of these old KLH models over many of the newer stuff that is out there. The sound rivals that of speakers costing 10-20 times as much as a used set of vintage KLH's. The other benefit is that these older speakers are more efficient and do not require as much power to play well as some of the newer companies models do.

So I'll have some dimensions and photos up for Mark to add to the information. I'll also be able to get some info on a set of KLH 6's which my father will be picking up on Saturday to replace a tired old pair of Electro-Voice speakers.

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Your #22's seem to be much like the model 24 which is seen most often and the model 26 that you do not see

very often. My #24's I've had for 25 years, great speaker! also have a model 26 phono system w/#26 spealers

that I found on the floor of a junk shop for $20. , in perfect shape.

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