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A couple tiny corrections for the KLH spreadsheet

Guest Bill Way

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Guest Bill Way

The spreadsheet is a great resource - and I thought I knew all the products, but obviously didn't. Nicely done.

There are a couple small errors:

KLH 27 - no tubes. definately, positively, and absolutely. it was one of the densest solid-state receivers ever. Work on one and you'll find out.

Model 15 speakers - these were not the ones used as extensions for the model 8 and 21; the Model 21 extension speakers were the Model 11 speakers; not sure about the Model 8's extension speakers - I believe they were something else entirely that matched the size of the radio's speaker (the model 15 speakers were quite larger). And you had it right: they were ported, and came with all the marketing pap about "acoustic suspension" design.

Model 11 and 11W: the plastic version was labelled Model 11; the walnut version was labelled 11W.

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I have a few more corrections......The spreadsheet states that the models 1,2,3 speakers date to the 1960's

my info is that they date to the 1957-58 era and were the first KLH products. Also stated is that model 19 speakers

have 3 drivers, infact they have 2 drivers and are ported ( same as model 15). Next, the model 26 is a phonogragh

only with model 26 speakers, not a AM/FM with #24 speakers as stated. Last, I don't think the model 51 was a

tube/transister hybrid but very similar to #51, #55...early 70s made in Japan for KLH. The model 57 is absent

from the listing, it's much the same as #51,#52, #55. Others may be able to pin down the dates in the listing, some

are defined only as "1960's". As mentioned in an earlier post, I've seen two versions of the model 23 speaker, two-way

and three-way with different cabinets?

I don't know if the spreadsheet can be updated, but it may be more useful to be 100% correct ?

Many details are yet to be learned!

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Here's another one for the corrections list..........The model 25 system isn't like the 20 plus system with #24 speakers

and pedistal stands as the spreadsheet indicates. It's a console unit with side doors to reveal the speakers with a center lid

for access to the phono and radio. not many of these around, serial numbers only go up to about 2500. They look

like many other phono consoles of the 60's. These scarce KLH systems weigh in at about 175 lbs. which makes them fun to move!

Some of the prices on the sheet seem wrong as well, it really needs an update.

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