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KLH Model 7's on ebay


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  • 3 weeks later...

> There is a pair of Model 7's on ebay that are LESS THAN

>TWO MILES FROM MY HOME! Unfortunately, the bidding has

>gotten a little rich for my blood. Shame, I could've picked

>them up in minutes. Anybody else? Shipping will be a bear!

>12" woof with two 3" tweets per large cabinet.


> George

Hey, George!

Model 7's are risky, anyway. The woofer and tweeters were epoxied to the back of the baffle board, and they have to be cut out to be fixed. It was a Kloss "innovative" thing; he even patented the process. If one breaks, you are out of luck unless you are a good woodworker, speaker builder, voice-coil winder, etc. Of course, you could always send it back to KLH for repair, except that they basically are not in that business anymore. Working okay, the 7's were pretty decent speakers!

Happy Holidays!

--Tom Tyson

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Somebody spiked me at the last minute on those 7's. I guess they wanted them a lot more than I did. For me, it would've been the novelty of picking them up in person, less than 5 minutes from the house. However, with your epoxy/baffling comments and my woodworking skills in mind, the 7's and I may not have been a match made in heaven. Thanks for the input and Happy Holiday's to you and yours Tom.

Wouldn't mind talking with you someday about your time as a bomber nav. I'm a -135 boom, and have been for 26 yrs.


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