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Help Identify my KLH's?


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Hi all,

I came into ownership in 1990 of a wonderful pair of KLH's that I know next to nothing about. They have since then become my favorite speakers I've ever owned, and despite their appearance, I doubt I'll ever let go of them.

I would just like to know what they are.

They are three-ways, with each speaker having two 8-inch woofers in a vertical arrangement. The low and mid drivers are consructed out of a translucent plastic, with rubber (not foam) surrounds, As such, they have held up terrifically over the years. Based on the style of the KLH logo, and the overall styling, I estimate them to be early 80's vintage...sound right?

Also, they came with a/the "Analog Bass Computer", which seems to add low end EQ (in a non-static way, I assume). The "computer" still works, and the low end is definately better with it.

Anybody know what these are? Also, if there is a source for grille frames, I'd like to get some (I threw out the framesmany years ago, probably because I thought they "looked cooler" without them, Yes, I did a lot of stupid stuff when I was 18.)



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Guest PlenumPete

Sounds like they're KLH-1s (two 8" woofers and Analog Computer gives it away). I've sent a copy of the brochure for these speakers, hopefully the administrator will put this up on the KLH section. The speakers will have been manufactured circa 1980.



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Yep, KLH-1s (see my other topic about these speakers). I have no idea where to get parts for these speakers anymore, but you could probably fabricate a new grill easily enough.

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