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KLH 6 and 30


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My name is Toasted Almond. I come to your world in peace. My first appearance here is a "get to know you/me" type of affair. I am a long time fan of HK, and all his great designs. One of the high points of my audio sojourn was to meet HK AND Edgar Villchur at Grand central Station in 1994 for the gala which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of AR, and the release of the commemorative AR-303, AR-302, and lesser known AR-338 loudspeakers. Shame it appears to have been the last gasp for a once industry leading company (nothing remarkable, or non-ported now).

I still retain a few pieces of what I considered to be a pretty good collection of works. My 12 yr old daughter has KLH 17's (8" woofs) driven by Dynaco in her bedroom, and my severely handicapped 16 yr old daughter has KLH 6's (circa 1972 10" woofs) driven by Dynaco in her bedroom. I also have KLH 18 tuner,

KLH Model 52A rcvr, original AR integrated amp (fully operational), KLH model 24 spkrs (fully operational recently purchased for $2.50/pair), Advent Model 3 spkrs, and a very recently purchased pair of AR-9's ($200,I know, I know!). I probably have more, but it's early. Recently sold were 2 pair of older Model 6's, a pair of Model 30's which I will get to shortly, and a pair of AR-5's.

Does anyone else feel that the Model 30's were designed to be the rear speakers in a KLH 52A rcvr, and Model 6 fronts based surround system? To the best of my knowledge, the 52a employs the Hafler "DynaQuad" circuit for extracting ambience. The rear signal is sent via RCA female outputs. The Model 30 had RCA INPUTS. It also had what appeared to be the same driver line-up as the 70's vintage Model 6. The cabinet on the 30's was the same in respect to the 70's vintage Model 6, except for the cabinet DEPTH. It would appear this would allow for true "bookshelf" placement while pulling surround spkr duties. Anybody care to throw in their 2 cents.

I look forward to hearing and "interfacing" with you all in the future.

best regards,

Toasted Almond

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