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AR instruction memo

Guest speedracer

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Hi Martin;

Thank you for the generous offer.

Can you scan and download it to this topic, in as good a quality as you can, up to 4 mb in size, please.

I assume it is only a single page but if it more, please scan and download each page separately.

Thank you again for your generous offer, Martin.

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Hi again;

Make certain of your file names and directory name.

Limit is 4 mb or 10 uploads whichever is the greater.

Do your writing first.

Go down to Attachment below and click to choose attachment.

You will be taken to another page.

Do step one, Browse, your computer for the first file.

Click on the first found file.

Step two.

Choose probably .JPG.

Step 3 click on, Upload File.

Repeat again until you've reached either 4 mb or 10 uploads, which ever comes first.

Finally go to bottom of that page to, Close This Window.

You will now be back to your write-up.

Go to bottom and click on Post Message.

It should now be that last thread posted.

If you think you spelled something wrong or want to add or delete from that write-up, you can, for maybe 1/2 hour longer.

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