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Looking For AR-90

Guest hp

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Hi, Everyone

I'd like to know if any member has a pair of AR-90 speakers that they'd be interested in selling.

It's important that none of the drivers are dead, but foam condition isn't an issue.

I'd also like to avoid shipping, so let's say within 150 miles or so, of New York City.

Thanks very much.


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I saw a pair at the MIT flea market a few weeks ago. They were priced at $300, and didn't seem to be of much interest to anyone.

Both the AR-9 and AR-90 seem to be pretty low-priced, compared to the AR-3 and 3a. Probably because they are so expensive and difficult to ship, and fixing them up is a real chore, what with 5 speakers per box, and that complex crossover.

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Owning both of them, both in stock and modified form, the 90's are like play toys compared to the 9's in terms of bottom end. This is NOT to say that the bottom end of the 90's are weak or lame, just that the 9's are that much "better".

Outside of that, the speakers do require slightly different placements and listening heights. The 9 is taller, requiring a higher seated listening position. This in itself is often overlooked, resulting in a very "different" presentation than one is used to hearing when listing to the 90's for a long period of time.

Hope this helps... Sean


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