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MGC1's on eBay


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Doesn't look like the dedicated electronics box is included. It would be fun to get a pair of these working, so I would be happy to assist a competent DIY'er in replacing this box with modern external gear.

One would need perhaps $1,200 worth of signal processing and amps, and the results should work better than the original.

If I didn't already have a pair in storage, I'd get them myself....



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Just a quick FYI.

They are relisted by the seller as of yesterday.

Speakers are $400 Buy it NOW.

Equalizer Box? is $80 Buy it NOW. (See sellers other items)

I think it is incredibly foolish for the seller to have listed the items seperately. If I was interested I would DARN Sure make sure I had the box locked up before I bid on the speakers. This party is now at risk of losing the equalizer without selling the speakers.

I'm to far away or I wouldn't be broadcasting this auction.

Just trying to be helpfull at this point.

Good Listening


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