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AR etablished in Denmark in 1973


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Dear All

Enclosed a scan of a historical document. Although I realize that most of you will not be able to read it, I still think it adds value. This is an advertisement from the Danish "High Fidelity" magazine from October 1973, where Acoustic Research announces the estalishment of Danish sales office, as a subsidiary of the UK operation (Ltd). It even has the addresses of the other Scandinavian offices in the add.

The add also lists the sales prices of the AR speakers avaliable at the time. I am not 100 % sure about the exchange rate at that time, but I think it was around 8 dkr to 1 US$. This means that a pair of LST speakers at would cost 1500 US$ in Denmark at that time, a hefty bunch of money in 1973!

BRgds Klaus


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