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AR925's Woofers Replacement

Guest Speed.Demon

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Guest Speed.Demon

I am new to this site, but hopeful that someone whom know's the AR's well, will be able to tell me a very good replacement in moden speaker's for the Woofers of my AR925's...

P.S. Please donot suggest: Wilmslow Audio and Neil whom is their!!

a. He doesn't get back, and you have to chase him... loads of times!

b. He is telling me to by some speakers that aren't even the right ohm ratting for the 925's... and i sent him a full lab test pointing this and other little things out, Grrr!!

Anyway, yes i have some lovely AR's of the 925 type. I know i can get them repaired with DK Loadspeakers, (Ex BBC) and john is a man whom i trust to get the job done... I just what to know what is about in moden speakers that will give the same range or even go lower down the spectrom than 27hz +/- 3db but still go upto 700hz or more with 5 ohm ave impedance. I hav a feeling they are also rated at 87db per 1w, with a 10" 1/4ins overall size, phew!!

So, yes let me know you're thoughts on moden day replacements please... thank's

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