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AR-5 Crossover Schematic

Guest baumgrenze

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Guest baumgrenze

I've seen many requests for a crossover schematic for the AR-5 in this forum. Usually people are referred to the similar AR-3.

In confirming some information tonight, I went to the Human Speakers website and found that there is a schematic there at:


The author did not measure the inductors, but that information is available at:


where Roy C replied:

The AR-5 caps are 4uf (in series with the tweeter), 24uf (in series with the midrange) and 72uf (in parallel with the woofer).

The 17 ga. inductors are AR #2(.16mh), #10(3.83mh) and #11(2.3mh).

The resistor wire is 1.4ohms.

I hope by putting all these threads in one place I will have been of service to someone who comes hunting for this information in the future.


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