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AR TSW-510a?


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I can't find anything online about this speaker which I purchased new for $450 pr in 1986. It's a 3 way, 10", 4 1/2", tweeter and the manual also shows a TSW-610a which has a 12" woofer. Last year I had the mid and woofer surrounds re done and the speakers measured at the same time. They played clean +-3db from 17k down to 26hz which was surprising from 10" sealed drivers. Both speakers measured virtualy identical which shows that the crossovers are of high quality and in good shape.

Anyone know much about the TSW line of speakers? I could use a pair of grills for them.

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I don't know what the differences between the AR-TSW 510 and 510a are, but I had a pair of AR TSW-510.

They are really nice speakers. I had to sell them unfortunately when I was running out of room. Awesome cabinets with the solid oak top and base and quality drivers made for a nice conversation piece when friends would come over.

They really crank with good power and the bass is tight as most AR acoustic suspension designs are.

For the grills you will probably have to rewrap them with new fabric. I doubt you could find replacements.


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