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Need help wiring an AR-2ax tweeter

Guest brian4561

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Guest brian4561

You see, I've finished rebuilding the crossover in a pair of AR-2ax speakers i'm rebuilding because the previous owner 'upgraded' it with cheap-ass drivers. I had to rebuild the crossover because the wiring was all 'melty'. I followed the schematic and I think I have everything ready to go.

Only one thing in my way--the previous owner also clipped the leads that used to run to the tweeter binding posts that stick out of the front of the cabinet. I know that the tiny little leads from the tweeter go straight down to the posts. What I don't know is which post does the black wire go to and which does the yellow wire go to.

I checked the terminals on the back of the binding posts, and the previous owner clipped them so close that there isn't even a scrap of insulation to look at to make an educated guess.

Can anyone offer any help?

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