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Caps on Crossovers?


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Ok, with all the fuss I've been reading about replacing caps on older crossovers I have just a few questions to ask:

- What brands are preferred at a reasonable price?

- Are the caps on most crossovers, and more specifically my 48s and 38s crossovers, marked so that replacement is a no-brainer?

- Are wiring diagrams available for this series of ARs?

- Anything else I should know?

- What improvements should I expect?

Not much eh?

If anyone has a relevant link or other advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,


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You're going to get a lot of opinions on this topic... If I may offer mine....

I've had very good luck with Parts Express' "Dayton" brand of metalized polypropylene. They work well and are cheap. A definite best buy....

The Solen brand has a good reputation. I've used these with no problems. More expensive than Daytons.

Try not to succumb to the "gourmet cap. of the week" crowd. There is a lot more hype than valid engineering..... I've been repairing/modifying loudspeakers for many years (as a hobbyist, I'm not in the business) and often am surprised to find what some well respected (and expensive) speaker manufactures use for xover components... They're typically the more inexpensive variety...


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