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AR-4X's $261.00 WOW!!!!


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Hi there;

A pair of older AR-4X's, with cloth surrounds, just sold for $261.00 for the pair!

Seems to be a rash of excessive prices paid this winter for AR classic products.

When someone asks me what a pair of AR-4X should cost, I would usually say, $60 - 90.00 a pair, now I cannot advise anyone.

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The beauty of all the high prices is when you least expect it, right in front of you is a great pair of vintage speakers for free or for a few dollars ! It takes patience, but it still happens. In the past few years I've taken home a pair of KLH 23's free, pair of AR 4x $12.00, a pair of AR2ax $10.00, a scarce pair of KLH model 6's from early 1958 $20.00, even a rare Baruch-Lang corner speaker made by Kloss in 1952 $20.00! I did pay $100 for a single AR-1W dating to 1957, I simply had to have an early example of Acoustic Research and was not going to pay the $500. plus for a AR-1.

I find large flea markets is the place to go (early in the morning).

I live near Boston and this is AR, KLH and Advent territory !

Happy hunting, Drew

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