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can anyone help??

Guest Ruben

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>Can anyone tell me what speakers these are and if they are

>actually acoustic research or not also if they would be bi

>wireable and waht year they are from? cheers Ruben

I remember seeing in an industry trade magazine (not a consumer mag like Stereo Review, High Fidelity or Audio) called High Fidelity Trade News in 1974 an ad by AR introducing the "AR-Pi/One" to their dealers.

The speaker never came out in the US under this name. Instead, it became the AR-10Pi, and was part of the Advanced Devlopment Division (ADD) series of products introduced to the US market in March 1975.

It's difficult to tell from this ebay picture if it's a real AR speaker, and the dimensions don't relate to the 10Pi's (this one is considerably smaller if the given dims of 320mm 190mm x 180mm are accurate).

I don't know for sure if AR ever marketed a speaker with the "Pi" name (other than the 10Pi) in the UK.

Steve F.

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Tanks very much mate i am in the uk and so is the seeler but i cant find any info on ar pi 1 series speakers he seems geniune so for £20 i think ill take the risk i agree that these appear to be the wrong size to be 10pi again thanks for your help! cheers Ruben

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